User Documentation

Teacher Manual. (Paper-based Testing) This manual is designed for School Test Coordinators and Teachers to prepare for and administer the paper-based ACT QualityCore assessments. It contains information about the distribution and collection of test materials, as well as test administration policies, procedures, and verbal instructions for administering the tests.

User Guide for Reporting. (Computer- and Paper-based Testing) This document provides information on using the ACT QualityCore online system to view reports for current and previous administration.

New Roles and Terms Definitions. (Computer- and Paper-based Testing) This document provides a summary of user roles and key terms for the ACT QualityCore system.

Security and Confidentiality Agreement. (Computer- and Paper-based Testing) This document provides an acknowledgement of ACT’s security and confidentiality agreement for the use of the ACT QualityCore system, materials, and test content.

Test Irregularity Report. (Computer- and Paper-based Testing) This form enables you to document and report prohibited behaviors as well as any unusual events that occurred during test administration, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Disturbance or distraction that could affect student scores
  • Student becoming ill and discontinuing testing
  • Student challenging a test item
  • Staff member suspected of compromising the integrity of test results

Sample Reports. (Computer- and Paper-based Testing) Provides examples of key ACT QualityCore reports.

  • Sample Class Roster Report. Provides the test session completion status and scale score of each student in a class.
  • Sample District Summary Report. Comprised of two sections, this report summarizes the number of students tested, scale scores, and college readiness in the first section, and provides a content standard summary (i.e., subscores) in the second section, for all schools in the district.
  • Sample School Subgroup Report. Summarizes the number of students tested, college readiness, and content standard summary (i.e., scale score) across multiple dimensions, including gender, ethnicity, education classification, economic status, English proficiency, and migrant status for the selected school or district.
  • Sample Student Report. Provides details on student performance in a specific subject area, including points received by subscore and ways to improve the student’s college readiness as well as comparative results against other students in the school, district, and state who have completed the test at the time the report is generated. Comparison data on the Student Report may change as additional students complete the test. Multiple student reports are bundled together so that you can page through the PDF file to view each student’s report.

For national customers, student data is not aggregated to the state level, so state level comparison data is not available.