Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment, Ordering and Materials
Setting Up the ACT QualityCore System
Computer-Based Testing and Technology
Scores and Reporting


What is the process to order ACT QualityCore?

The ordering process begins by visiting Once your account for the ACT QualityCore system has been created, District and School Test Coordinators will input the necessary data to order tests by loading student data into the system. The application automatically processes this information. You will receive paper based and accommodations materials (if applicable) at the address on file, or the forms will be loaded for your computer based testing. Additional details can be found in the Administration Manual.


How will accommodations be handled?

Accommodations may be indicated in the student roster upload or by entering an individual student. Accommodations are then assigned by the School Test Coordinator. Directions for this can be found in the Test Coordinators Manual. Additional information on accommodations can be found in the Accommodated Testing Manual.


What happens when a Paper-Based Testing order needs to be placed less than 30 days from the testing window?

Any paper-based test order placed within 30 days of the testing window requires that the School Test Coordinator call ACT QualityCore Support (866.764.7228 Option 2) to complete that order. This will become a manual order, which allows us to place the order in the queue correctly. Sometimes this is referred to as a rush or expedited order. This is separate from shipping. Currently, we offer no rush/expedited shipping options. All orders will ship via ground method.


Are the manuals considered secure?

Any materials available on the ACT QualityCore homepage are not considered secure. Materials available within the application itself are considered secure.


Will I be billed if a student doesn’t complete the exam?

ACT considers a computer-based test consumed and therefore a billable event once the student launches any section of the exam.
ACT considers the paper-based test consumed when a response is present to any question when scanned at an ACT processing center.
By these definitions when a student launches or responds to any part of the exam, your school will be billed for the entire exam.


How do I get my login information?

Enrolled users who are in the District Test Coordinator role will receive login information by email. Expect the login and password to arrive in two separate emails. If you have not received this information, please contact ACT QualityCore  Support (866.764.7228 Option 2 or

All other users of the system will receive login information directly from the District Test Coordinator or the School Test Coordinator. Please contact your District Test Coordinator if you are the School Test Coordinator and have not yet received login information. Please contact your School Test Coordinator if you are a Teacher or Test Administrator and have not yet received login information.


When can we have access to Educator Resources?

Users are able to access the Educator Resources upon login to the ACT QualityCore testing platform. The resources are located on the homepage (the last link) for District Test Coordinators, School Test Coordinators, Teachers, and Test Administrators.



My principal wants to see reports. What role is available for this person?

The principal could be set up as a secondary School Test Coordinator. If that is not a possibility, then the School Test Coordinator can share all relevant reports with the principal.


Is a secondary District Test Coordinator/School Test Coordinator required? Does the secondary contact have the same access as the primary contact?

It is required to have both a primary and secondary person assigned to these roles. The primary and secondary contacts have the same level of access to the system.


Does the District Test Coordinator have access to all the same tasks as the School Test Coordinator?

The two roles have different responsibilities in the system. Please see the Test Coordinators Manual for more specific information on these roles.


If we used ACT QualityCore in the past, will student and teacher information be in the system?

As of September 1, 2015, the ACT QualityCore online system changed significantly. For your first administration in the new system, all districts and schools will need to enter student and teacher information. The student and teacher data will be maintained for future administrations.


Do students need to be loaded into the system a certain length of time before they test?

Data can be uploaded at any time during a testing administration but should be uploaded at least 30 days before you plan to test. It is not bound by a testing date. If data is uploaded less than 30 days before testing, the School Test Coordinator will need to place a manual order for paper-based tests or tests with accommodations.


Can I assign two teachers to the same class roster?
Only 1 teacher can be assigned per class.


Can a student be listed in two different rosters for the same subject/course?

The system will not allow a student to have two of the same course name. The system will prevent this duplication and it will only allow students to move to another class of the course.


Where are students added in the system?

Students can be added by the District Test Coordinator through the District CSV upload. Students can also be added by the School Test Coordinator by manual entry or upload of students to the school or a class.


What is the difference between a Test Administrator and a Teacher?

A Teacher is able to see reports about the students in their classes while a Test Administrator does not see reports. Both roles are able to retrieve daily access codes for computer-based testing. Test Administrators are able to see the access codes for all classes, while Teachers are only able to see these codes for their own classes.


Can I search for a student using the state ID?

Searches for students can be completed by searching last name, first name and QualityCore ID only.


Is there a space requirement between students who are testing on the computers?

The ACT QualityCore Test Administration Manual provides recommendations for room configuration for testing. There is no specific requirement for spacing between students on test day. We do recommend using desktop carrels if available.


Do I need to install a new secure web browser?

Yes, the system was changed September 1, 2015 and requires a new secure web browser. The secure web browser must be installed on each computer used for ACT QualityCore testing. An icon will be placed on the desktop to access the secure student testing environment. This will replace any previous installations of the ACT QualityCore web browser. Any remaining versions of the Vanguard browser should be uninstalled. Additional information can be found in the Technology Guidelines.


How do I install the secure web browser?

The District Test Coordinator, District Technology Coordinator and School Test Coordinator roles all have access to download the secure web browser installer.
For Windows and Mac computers, please download the installer and deploy to every computer that will be used for student testing. It is a standard installer file.
For the complete list of steps to install the secure web browser on Chromebooks, please see pages 26-27 of the Technology Guidelines.


What browsers are supported?

For Test Coordinators and other users of the ACT QualityCore system, the browser that is supported is Internet Explorer 9 and higher. For the student testing environment, please see page 7 of the Technology Guidelines.


Can I test on an iPad?

iPads are not currently supported.


What do I do if a student cannot login to the ACT QualityCore test?

Verify the following:
1. Ensure that the latest version of the ACT QualityCore secure web browser is installed on the computer.

Steps for Windows Users

a. Right click the secure browser icon on the desktop.

b. Select Properties.

c. Compare the version number in the properties dialog box to the version number identified for the administration.

Steps for Macintosh Users

a. Right-click the secure browser icon on the desktop.

b. Select Get Info.

c. Compare the version number in the properties dialog box to the version number identified for the administration.

2. Verify that the registration code and student’s birth date entered match the information on the student roster.

3. Verify that the daily access code being used by the student to log in is correct.

4. Log in to the ACT QualityCore administration interface and check the access code assigned to the class.

5. Validate that the student is using the correct 5-letter combination. The daily access code is not case sensitive.


What if students encounter issues with the secure web browser during testing?
Secure Web Browser Issues provides a list of issues and solutions to problems that students might encounter when using the secure web browser for testing.


What do I do if a student does not see any graphics in the test?

Contact your School Test Coordinator and/or Technology Coordinator to ensure that all applications and updates are currently installed on the computer. In the meantime, move the student to another available computer to continue testing.


What do I do if a student does not see shading in one or more of the graphics in a test?

Adjust the brightness and contrast settings on the student’s monitor while viewing the sample images on the CBT Setup page.


What should we do if a student loses connectivity to ACT QualityCore while taking a test?
The solution depends on the extent of the issue:

If a single student has lost connectivity:

The student should wait to see if the connection is restored.

If the connection is not restored within five minutes, the student should exit the test.

Test the connection by attempting to connect to another remote Web site, such as

If the connection to the website is successful, reopen the secure browser for the student to resume testing.

If a group of students have lost the connection to the ACT QualityCore server:
Contact your School Test Coordinator, who will then contact the District Coordinators to verify that the equipment and network are functioning properly.


What if a student’s session shows as closed, when the student has not finished taking the test?

Reopen the student’s test session by completing these steps:
1. Log into the ACT QualityCore administration interface.

2. Move the cursor over the Administer Tests tab and select Reopen Test Sessions.

3. Select the reason for reopening the session, and then reopen the appropriate session by following the directions on the screen.

4. After the session is reopened, instruct the student to log in again to continue testing.

Remember to follow test security protocol when reopening test sessions.


Will ACT QualityCore reports from previous years be available in the new system?

The system was updated as of September 1, 2015. The reports from previous administrations will be available in PDF, but they will not be accessible in the new system. If you are a DTC or STC, contact ACT QualityCore Support (866-764-7228 or to request these reports. The customer support team will send you a secure URL where you can download the reports. You will also receive a password to decompress the files. The available reports are student reports in PDF format from previous administrations.


What if I am having trouble viewing the reports?
Check the browser settings to make sure pop-ups are not blocked.

Windows Users – Internet Explorer

Select Tools and clear the Turn On Pop-up Blocker option on the Privacy tab.

Macintosh Users – Safari

Select Safari from the toolbar and turn off Block Pop-up Blockers.


Why are scores for students not available?
During the test administration window, check the Class Report to confirm that a checkmark displays for all sessions of the test.

1. Log into the ACT QualityCore administration interface.

2. Move the cursor over the Reports tab, and select View Reports.

3. In the submenu, click Class Reports and select Retrieve Class Report.

· Students with two checkmarks should have reportable scores two to ten schools days after all sessions are completed, depending on the mode and format of the test.

· If the student is missing one or more checkmarks, the student’s scores are not reportable.

Reasons a student may be missing at least one checkmark include:

· The student did not exit a test session properly by clicking Yes to confirm the exit when closing the session.

· The student did not begin taking the test session.

· The test session was reopened by the Teacher, Test Administrator or School Test Coordinator.

If none of these reasons explains the problem, please contact your School Test Coordinator.


Are accommodations automatically assigned to students?

No, accommodations must be assigned by the School Test Coordinator in the system.


Do I need to upload students with accommodations in a separate roster?

No, students needing accommodations can be uploaded together with all other students. Possible accommodations will be indicated in the upload, but will be specifically assigned by the School Test Coordinator.